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“We dressed up as the book Madeline, with six people dressed up as her and me as Ms. Clavel, their teacher. One of the Madelines, however, was the truly special one…the one with the beard, that is. Our experience was hysterical—I’d walk all the girls (and one guy) down the street in two straight lines. Guys would be walking the other way, whistling or hollering at all the pretty ladies. Then, as they got to the back of the line, they’d see my friend Brennan, then they’d see me, and I could tell that they were suddenly wondering if ALL the Madelines were men.”

the last sentence

lmao what

There will never be a time when I don’t reblog this because it is my fave.

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Gosh this has been… intense, so to say. Those hair were the death of me. My Lady of Lórien, couldn’t you have straight hair like Thranduil, for Varda’s sake?! *sweats*

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Please, do not use and repost without my written permission. I will find you and I will skiiiinnn you.

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