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Tsum Tsum Giveaway!

Because I just reached 400 followers I’ll be doing a giveaway of one of my favorite things - Disney tsum tsums! 

There is only one winner, and that winner will receive any three tsum tsums they want from the Disney store website. Unfortunately, not all of the tsum tsums that are out are available online, but there is still a wide variety of characters to choose from:

  • Mickey
  • Minnie
  • Donald
  • Daisy
  • Goofy
  • Pluto
  • Chip
  • Dale
  • Pooh Bear
  • Piglet
  • Eeyore
  • Tigger
  • Marie
  • Stitch
  • Alice
  • Mad Hatter
  • White Rabbit
  • Queen of Hearts
  • King of Hearts
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Dormouse
  • March Hare

Here’s how it’s going to work!

  • You must be following me, carrietheseawitch, on this here Tumblr site
  • You unfortunately must be living in the US because I’m a meanie
  • Reblog it as many times as you want, like it if you feel the need, but only your first reblog will count as your entry (again, I’m a meanie)
  • No giveaway blogs - only people who will love and cherish these cutie pies!
  • You must be comfortable with giving me your address, that one’s just common sense
  • I’m trusting you guys here - please don’t just ask me for three tsum tsums you’re going to turn around and sell or something like that. This is a great opportunity to get someone a birthday present at no cost to you or to add to your own collection!

I will be rounding up the entries and randomly selecting a winner on Friday at about 2pm - I say about because I’m only human. Since it’s just one entry per person, it’s not like anyone will get an extra edge because I take another ten minutes to get my life together here. Trust me.

I can’t wait to send these adorable balls of fluff off to someone who will love them as much as I do! Good luck, tsum tsum friends! 

If you play the tsum tsum game through the Line app, don’t forget to add me: carrietheseawitch

Go win stuff ya cuties!



I’ve seen some posts making this guilt trip of how the people who like to dress up as a sugar skull or the Catrina for halloween or whatever is racist and cultural appropriation.

Nah, it’s completely fine, as long as you are not totally ignorant about it or disrespectful.

Sugar skull represents the deceased, in a joyful manner. And the Catrina is just a social critic which became an icon later on for the day of the dead and Mexico. 

It is not offensive to turn this into a costume or an accessory because it already is, so if you want to dress up like sugar skulls on Halloween, do so, but atleast know it’s value.

Be open minded, don’t even hate, and share this rich culture we have with the rest of humanity, chill.

This post is about that eradicating guilt trip and blaming, and turn it into self awareness

I gotta admit, I am hugely inspired by the Day of the Dead, and imagery from it turned up a lot in my art, and tumblr made me stop referencing it for quite some time.

Now I can go back to drawing La Catrina to my heart’s content 

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